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07 December, 2009

Suspicious Windows Process

Following are the suspected list of the windows process. Actually this process are trojan. The may appear themselve as name of legitimate program. These process may do some bad thing to your pc. My advice is please avoid this process from running in your pc.
adaware.exe alevir.exe
arr.exe ascv.exe
backWeb.exe bargains.exe
blss.exe bootconf.exe
bpc.exe brasil.exe
bundle.exe bvt.exe
cfd.exe cmd32.exe
cmesys.exe datemanager.exe
dcomx.exe divx.exe
dllreg.exe dpps2.exe dssagent.exe
emsw.exe explore.exe
fsg_4104.exe gator.exe
gmt.exe hbinst.exe
hbsrv.exe hxdl.exe
hxiul.exe iedll.exe
iedriver.exe iexplorer.exe
image.dll infus.exe
infwin.exe intdel.exe
isass.exe istsvc.exe
jdbgmgr.exe kazza.exe
keenvalue.exe kernel32.exe
launcher.exe loader.exe
mapisvc32.exe md.exe
mfin32.exe mmod.exe
mostat.exe msapp.exe
msbb.exe msblast.exe
mscache.exe msccn32.exe
mscman.exe msdm.exe
msiexec16.exe mslagent.exe
mslaugh.exe msmgt.exe
msmsgri32.exe msrexe.exe
mssys.exe msvxd.exe
netd32.exe nssys32.exe
nstask32.exe nsupdate.exe
onsrvr.exe optimize.exe
patch.exe pgmonitr.exe
powerscan.exe prizesurfer.exe
prmt.exe prmvr.exe
ray.exe rb32.exe
rcsync.exe run32dll.exe
rundll.exe rundll16.exe
ruxdll32.exe sahagent.exe
save.exe savenow.exe
sc.exe scam32.exe
scrsvr.exe scvhost.exe
service.exe showbehind.exe
skynetave.exe soap.exe
spoler.exe srng.exe
start.exe stcloader.exe
support.exe svc.exe
svchosts.exe svshost.exe
system32.exe teekids.exe
trickler.exe tsadbot.exe
tvmd.exe tvtmd.exe
webdav.exe win32.exe
win32us.exe winactive.exe win-
bugsfix.exe windows.exe
wininetd.exe wininit.exe
winlogin.exe winmain.exe
winnet.exe winppr32.exe
winservn.exe winssk32.exe
winstart.exe winstart001.exe
wintsk32.exe winupdate.exe
wnad.exe wuamgrd.exe

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