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25 July, 2009


Susoh nok royak wei la.

Dulu mase die digegekan(dihebohkan) rate-rate dunia bahwa Michael Jackson masuk Islam dalam bulan November taun lepas(2008) kalu dok silap la. Tapi pada masa tu saye dok pasti lagi die tu seorang Muslim. Mungkin ye(Benar) atau dok(Tidak). Haaa... Apa yg kite dgapeok tahu. Itu lah die.

aku rase 7 bulan lebih doh, takdok(tiada) lansung pengakuan daripadanya sendiri tentang agama die yg sebenar. Cari mane-mane sumber pon dok jumpe 1 pon pengakuan dari die sendiri. Jadi aku sendiri pon agak was was untuk trima kenyataan tu. Maafla aku tulis ikut bahase pasor. Ok ok aku serius n series.


Namun abangnya, Jermaine Jackson dalam sidang medianya ada menyebut bahawa "May Allah be with you, Michael, always."

Semoga Michael Jackson benar-benar meninggal dunia sebagai seorang Muslim, dan Allah lebih mengetahui. Amin.

ni aku nak bagi 1 screenshot ni..agak lucu jgak bila aku pikir kenape ada logo NTV7 di New York? Ciplak logo ke ape ni. hahahha. Terserupa kowtttt. Hahaha..


Kembali kepada topik asal.. Agak kepelikan aku dibuatnyer. Ade je komen yg ringkas dan mudah yg biase kita dengar kan. "Tak payahlah kita fikir sangat Islam atau tidak beliau. Kita doakan sahaja beliau meninggal sebagai Muslim."

Kita sepatutnya periksa n pikir dulu sebelum kita sebarkan berita yg kita trima. Bukan smua tu betul. Dulu ade yg buat berita selebriti atau orang terkenal masuk Islam. Berapa kali lagi kite nak syok sendiri dengan kisah macam Neil Armstrong, Will Smith, Emma Watson, Britney Spears dan Kaka peluk Islam? Bahkan, mitos Neil Armstrong masuk Islam, masih ada lagi orang yang percaya, padahal aku pertama kali mendengarnya kira-kira beberapa tahun dahulu!

Kadang-kadang juga yang berlaku lain, tapi orang faham lain. Contoh: Siti Nurhaliza dan Datuk K sekadar melawat Nik Aziz, tapi ada saya nampak akhbar tabloid yang buat artikel bertajuk "Siti Masuk PAS"!

Sebab itu kita kena betul-betul pastikan kesahihan berita yang diterima. Dan dalam kes ini, kita hendak percaya dengan sewenang-wenangnya berita Michael Jackson peluk Islam daripada sebuah akhbar tabloid berbahasa Inggeris yang paling popular di dunia, tetapi bersifat sengal dan ada pula gambar model perempuan bogel di dalam setiap terbitannya?

Ni aku jadi berasa nak kata BEN*GO** ni. Tapi sabar je lor.

Islam pun ajar kita supaya tak sebarkan berita yang samar-samar, yang was-was, dan yang kabur. Tapi yang saya tak faham, geng-geng (baca: Wahhabi) yang asyik kondem orang yang didakwanya tak ikut al-Quran dan as-Sunnah dengan sahih dan berdalil, mereka pun sama juga menyebarkan berita tersebut tanpa ada dalil sahih daripada Michael Jackson sendiri. Woit, mana hujah?

Dua kali lima. Hampeh.

Baca artikel yang ditulis oleh Imam Zafar Bangash (Pengarah di Institut Pemikiran Islam Kontemporari, ICIT) ini:

Muslims' Obsession with Celebrity Islam

'Have you heard, Chelsea Clinton is about to become a Muslim?'

This is now commonly heard among Muslims, especially in the US.

'Yes. And if it had not been for that terrible car crash, Princess Diana would have married Dodi and she, too, would have embraced Islam. Then there would have been Muslim heirs to the British throne.'

This theory concludes that there must have been a plot to eliminate Diana to preclude such a possibility.

Whatever the truth about the plot and it is difficult to know precisely there is nothing inherently wrong in Chelsea, or indeed Princess Diana, showing interest in Islam.

Chelsea certainly had obtained an English translation of the Qur'an, but it would be premature to assume from this that she was becoming a Muslim. As for Diana's interest in Islam, the less said the better, although one would be hard-pressed to convince those who thrive on gossip.

The issue here is not whether these ladies were or are really interested in Islam. The more pertinent question is the Muslims' obsession with celebrities embracing Islam. Unfortunately there are Muslims who have reduced Islam's validity to such high-profile events. As the Qur'an mentions in many ayaat, it is Allah who provides guidance to whomever He wills, and for those who reject the Truth, a terrible punishment awaits.

The obsession with celebrities is not new. The most fantastic story was spun around Neil Armstrong, the first man to set foot on the moon, beginning in early 1983. We at Crescent International received phone-calls and letters from Muslims around the world inquirying about Armstrong's conversion.

The story was imaginative and rather fascinating: after returning from his moon journey in July 1969, Armstrong went on a world tour. It was claimed that when he arrived in Cairo, the Egyptian capital, he heard the adhan being called out. Intrigued by the sound, he inquired about it and was told that this was the Muslim call to prayer. He is reported to have said that he had heard the same sound when he landed on the moon. This led him to embrace Islam!

When this story reached fever pitch, and we were inundated with calls and letters from around the world, we contacted Armstrong's office in Ohio. This writer personally spoke to his secretary, who revealed that although Mr Armstrong had great respect for Islam, he had not become a Muslim and that the adhan story was pure fiction. She also said that the many calls and letters from Muslims from different parts of the world had intrigued her. She in fact offered to send a letter confirming our conversation and even requested that we publicise the facts to put the affair to rest.

Armstrong's secretary did write to us confirming that her boss had not embraced Islam. This, however, was not enough for some Muslims. Later still, some journalists arranged a conference call through the US embassy in Delhi to talk to Neil Armstrong personally and to hear from the horse's mouth, so to speak, that he had not become a Muslim. Only then did the story come to some sort of an end, perhaps much to the disappointment of the hero-worshipping Muslims.

Some Muslims have spun similar stories about Yusuf Islam, formerly the singer Cat Stevens. To his credit, wherever Yusuf Islam has lectured, he has told Muslims to worship only Allah and not humans. This message, unfortunately, seems lost on many Muslims.

It is interesting to note that Yusuf Islam did not discover the deen of Allah through the effort of any Muslim but by reading the Qur'an himself. He says that his own brother (a non-Muslim) gave him an English translation of the Qur'an. He did not read it for about three years. Then one day, he picked it and was fascinated. This is how he was led to Islam. Allah says in the noble Qur'an, He guides whomever He wills. Yusuf Islam is one of them, alhamdulillah.

There are many well-known personalities in the world who have embraced Islam but there are countless non-celebrities - so-called 'ordinary people' - who have also embraced it. Islam's validity and strength are not dependent only on celebrities.

In the early days of Islam, the noble Messenger of Allah, upon whom be peace, went to all the chiefs of the various tribes in Makkah. The majority, including two of his uncles Abu Jahl and Abu Lahab - did not pay heed. Many of the downtrodden - Bilal and others - embraced Islam. The tribal chiefs became implaccable enemies of Islam but it still triumphed because Allah willed it so.

There are many downtrodden people in North America, Europe and other places who have entered the fold of Islam. Islam is enriched by the presence of the diverse groups of people who have entered its fold. All to often such people are looked down on by born Muslims, for racist, classist or nationalist reasons. This is entirely counter to Islam. It is the quality of these individuals, not their station in life, that matters.

If Muslims truly want to see the miracle of Islam and the Qur'an in contemporary history, then they should ponder over the transformation that people undergo when they become Muslims.

This is especially true of those who had previously committed heinous crimes. Many inmates in US prisons who embrace Islam become the most decent, civilised and God-fearing individuals. Despite the brutal regime in many US institutions, prison wardens readily admit the great transformation of these individuals when they become Muslims.

It is to this aspect that Muslims need to pay attention. Further, Muslims must themselves live according to the tenets of Islam. It is embarrassing to constantly hear that Islam is the best religion but Muslims the worst followers. The challenge facing Muslims today is to present a model of the decent individual who is caring and compassionate and who provides inspiration by his or her own example.

Muslimedia: April 1-15, 1999

24 July, 2009

Speedtest Result

speedtest aku yg baru aku test tadi..huhuhu..boleh tahan gak la..


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