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22 February, 2011

Lotus Esprit

The ultimate Lotus returns in 2013. The latest version of the evocative Esprit continues where its forefathers had once driven. This exclusive supercar combines ultra aggressive contemporary styling with an intensive immersive driving experience, powered by an all-new supercharged, charge-cooled V8 heart giving stunning performance through light weight, in the perfect expression of Lotus supercar ownership.


Lotus Elise

The Elise will continue in the true tradition of the award winning namesake. Agility, performance and style taken to a new edge with the latest incarnation of a true driver's car. Incredible driving chassis, class leading emissions and the trademark of the Elise - incredible handling.


Lotus Elite

Once again, Lotus has pushed the boundaries of contemporary car design to deliver the exclusive Elite, which will redefine the term "modern British classic". Breathtaking looks, a beautifully balanced chassis and driver comfort like no other, this is the Elite.



Lotus Eterne

The ultimate paradox - incredible sports car performance and four doors? In true Lotus fashion, when there are no rules to be broken, then it is time to define them instead. The Eterne delivers everything a driver could desire - luxury, performance, handling - all packaged with unsurpassed style and practicality. After all, the need to accommodate passengers should never detract from true driving pleasure.


Lotus Elan

The new Lotus Elan was announced at the 2010 Paris Motor Show. It is hoped to be in production by 2013. It will feature a 4.0 litre V6 engine and will weigh roughly 1,295 kg (2,855 lb) and will also feature optional hybrid technology with KERS which will be across the whole new Lotus range. It will mainly be aimed at buyers of the Porsche 911 and Aston Martin V8 Vantage.


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