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24 December, 2009

Hack for Free Airtel GPRS

Note: New Proxies for free Airtel GPRS have been posted here.
After a Lot of research we have found another hack for free Unlimited GPRS for Airtel live users. The new trick for Airtel free internet is as simple as installing a software on your Cell phone. Actually the trick is to install a Mobile Web Browser called Teashark or Ucweb on your Cellphone.
Follow the steps below for unlimited mobile browsing.
1. Download Teashark browser(for MIDP 2.0 handsets only) from here or from if you are using mobile browser.
2. Install the browser and select Airtel Live as the access point and start browsing absolutely free (Don’t worry airtel won’t charge you).
Note: If Teashark browser doesn’t work then go for Ucweb browser which can be downloaded from here. They also have many features like built-in download manager,search function,email service and also page saving options.

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