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31 May, 2011

Rayban Original and Replica 3A or 5A


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      Look at the box your Ray-Bans came in. There should be a recycling logo, as well as a semi-permanent sticker on the box, including the serial number, manufacturer and distributor details, lens and frame type, and the model number of your specific style of sunglasses. If this sticker is missing, the sunglasses in the box are probably not genuine.
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      Inspect the case they came in. There should be a gold logo engraved, not painted, on the case that says "Luxottica." If the logo is painted or missing, chances are the sunglasses in the case are a knock-off.
    • 3
      Hold up the sunglasses and check the engraved Ray-Ban logo, which is an interlocking RB, under the bridge of the nose-piece. When holding the sunglasses upside down, the engraving should read right-side up. If it is upside down, you may have a pair of fakes.
    • 4
      Check the right lens for the RB engraving. If it is above the hinge, your Ray-Bans are authentic. If the engraving appears below the hinge, they are probably fake.
    • 5
      Inspect the rubber quality on the earpieces and frames. Quality rubber is used on authentic Ray-Bans and should feel chalky to the touch, not sticky, stiff or slick.
    • 6
      Test the quality of the authenticity card that comes with the glasses. Not only should it be printed on high-quality card stock, it should be free of grammatical errors and typos. The ink should not smudge or smear, which you can test by running your finger along the printed card.

Ini adalah packaging Ray-ban Original.

Note: The trademark symbol is in the correct spot on the box. The stitches per inch are much smaller and tighter, evident of a higher quality stitch job. And the dustcloth is the correct color and logo font.

ini adalah packaging Ray-ban yang bukan Original.

Note: The trademark symbol seems to be absent from the red logo on the box. The stitches per inch, a common fake handbag spotting tell, seem to be too long when compared to the real case (below). The shape of the case is also in conflict with the real case below, and the dustcloth is the wrong color (blue), and the logo on the dustcloth seems to have a mistake concerning the "B", just to make matters worse. This means that if the dust cloth was the correct color, there would still be the font problem.

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