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26 November, 2011


“The Muslims’ extreme economic predicament requires a total effort that is equivalent to a “Business Jihad”, no less! Imagine if all the energy and motivational force of a jihadic war effort is harnessed, mobilized and channeled towards wealth creation to prosper the ummah and the world - and through ways, means and methods of peace and prosperity that translate the best that Islam can offer in values and civilisational terms to the world we live in.

After all, Muslims should know that the “greater” jihad, the more meaningful jihad, is not one waged with violence and warfare. In this respect, Business Jihad and Corporate Waqaf are intended to be business-driven and market-friendly alternatives for Muslims to rid themselves of poverty and alienation. These can be effective ways to put a stop to their economic lethargy and helplessness, and turn the tide once and for all to economically empower Muslims.”

From "Business Jihad Journey: The Corporate Waqaf route - Why Waqaf?
(This article was also published by The Edge Malaysia, 12th - 18th October, 2009, under "My say" entitled "Corporate Waqaf way to prosperity).

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